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In Larkspur, CO, Fantasy Farm stands out with years of experience and a commitment to transparent communication. Something that sets us apart is that we specialize in American Saddlebred and Friesian horses. While our facilities are designed to accommodate various needs, our focus at horse shows primarily celebrates American Saddlebreds, a detail reflected throughout our site. Our equestrian services, prominently featuring Training alongside Boarding, cater to enthusiasts of Huntseat, Saddleseat, and Western Riding. Additionally, we offer specialized training in driving with a buggy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to equestrian skills. At Fantasy Farm, we aim to attract clients interested in advanced training, keeping boarding selective to maintain our quality of service. With a unique blend of luxury, expertise, and dedication, we set ourselves apart in the equestrian world, ensuring personalized care and attention for every client.

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In Larkspur, CO, Fantasy Farm offers an array of exceptional services catering to the horse equestrian community. Our facilities boast luxury stalls and extensive trails, ensuring top-tier care and comfort. The training program is designed for both amateurs and serious competitors, focusing on excellence in and out of the arena. Meanwhile, our showing service provides comprehensive support for equestrian events, including expert equine training programs and show preparation, making every event a seamless experience. Don’t forget that we specialize in American Saddlebred and Friesian horses!

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Dive into the world of exceptional equestrian services at Fantasy Farm. From top-tier facilities equipped with automatic stall waterers to expert horse training and comprehensive showing support, we provide everything your horse needs to thrive. Discover our dedication to quality, care, and equestrian excellence. Join us to experience the best in horse care, training, and event preparation. Call us, and elevate your equestrian experience today!


Discover our facilities luxury stalls, and expansive trails in Larkspur, CO. Perfect for the discerning equestrian seeking premium care.

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Explore our horse training services in Larkspur, CO, offering tailored programs for amateurs and kids, including show preparation and personalized care.

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Fantasy Farm is dedicated to providing top-tier equestrian services, ensuring each horse is meticulously prepared and cared for, enabling peak performance at shows.

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