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Discover our facilities luxury stalls, and expansive trails in Larkspur, CO. Perfect for the discerning equestrian seeking premium care.

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Premium Equine Care Facilities in Larkspur, CO

Discover the elevated standard of equine care at Fantasy Farm in Larkspur, CO, where every detail is fine-tuned for the well-being of your horse. Our facilities transcend basic boarding needs, offering a nurturing haven designed to cater to the highest echelons of equine comfort and care. We specialize in American Saddlebred and Friesian horses!


Boarding and Training With Fantasy Farm

Immerse in the exceptional boarding experience at Fantasy Farm, where the fusion of luxury stalls, attentive care, and state-of-the-art amenities sets a new benchmark. Our facility boasts 17 spacious 14×12 stalls, a heated tack room with a bathroom, a dedicated shoeing area, and laundry facilities, all reflecting our commitment to your horse’s comfort and well-being. The advanced design of our grounds includes a 60’ round pen, an 185×85 outdoor arena, and extensive trails over 70 acres, ensuring a stimulating and varied environment for your horse.

The thoughtful layout promotes not just physical health but also mental vitality, with ample space for leisure and exercise. Our commitment to providing a balanced lifestyle is evident in our multiple-day turnout system, ensuring each horse enjoys freedom and personalized attention.

Experience the Best in Horse Boarding Today

Step into Fantasy Farm, where the essence of horse boarding transcends expectations, providing a sanctuary that harmonizes luxury, safety, and the intrinsic pleasures of equine life. Our facility isn’t just a place to stay—it’s a realm where your horse can flourish, backed by a team dedicated to maintaining an optimal environment.

Indulge in the assurance that your horse is enveloped in a setting that celebrates and nurtures the equine spirit. Our meticulously designed amenities, coupled with our expansive outdoor spaces and professional-grade arenas, showcase our unwavering dedication to equine excellence.

Opt for Fantasy Farm and embrace a boarding experience that epitomizes care, comfort, and the pinnacle of equestrian living. Reach out to us to discover how we can provide your horse with a superior home, marked by an extraordinary commitment to care and quality. Join us at our premier facility, where exceptional horse care is not just our promise—it’s our passion.